Sunday, 19 October 2014

Sharks and mushrooms

Weekends are so cluttered at the moment, they whizz by and nothing really seems to move forward. I have to weave some fun things into the mix or I couldn't step on to the weekly merry-go-round again. But boy is it getting harder to squeeze some joy in.

This weekend we have had to complete the shark 3D model a homework for the 7 year old and for me it seems. If you are the parent of school age children my best parenting tip (I don't have many to offer) is to invest in a hot glue gun. It pretty much sticks anything together, and is especially good for modelling cardboard. The shark fins are attached this way to his papermache body, and my child is wonderfully impressed. I don't really have time for such imposed crafting mixed with all the other things I want to do with the kids but hey ho, you just have to embrace it.

Today the youngest and myself dropped going to rugby, for a long anticipated fungi foray. I have never done this before and did an organised event with the Herts wildlife trust at Mardley Heath, I can recommend it. We found so much and the people on the walk were so friendly and kind to Huw the only child on the event.

When Huw left nursery he was given a Fungi spotters book because he often found mushrooms when out on a walk and it is a love that has stuck so far.

I was amazed by the variety that we found (above is just one basket of the group) and the knowledge of people in the group was excellent. We even had a smell of a sulpher knight.

Here are some of my favourite pics of the day:

Glistening inkcap (possibly)

 Amethyst Deceiver

Jelly Ear

Huw learnt today that mushrooms had gills and he also painted gills on to his shark model, a weirdly well tied in range of activities for the day.

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