Monday, 30 June 2008


Things seem to be moving so fast down at the patch each time I go there it looks so different.

Pak choi seedlings are growing well.

I'm getting a great crop of raspberries. I planted out two courgette plants which surprisingly I got from a small shop in town they look reasonably strong so I'm hopeful for these.

My butternut squash plants are now down to one (of nine) which is very disappointing.

Good news is Owen's sunflower is growing strong and mine, his dad's and Huw's were no shows, so I planted fresh seeds on the quiet. There were little seedlings there on Friday and today they are gone presumed munched. I don't know whether to sneak a couple of seeds in again or just leave it as Owen will be chuffed that his one is winning.

I got my leeks in today and have sown some more chard and beetroot. I also have sown a short row of khol rabi I have never eaten it so have no idea ehat it is like, I bought the seed just because it could go in now.

Sadly I have pulled up all but six of my broad bean plants, the black fly had got so bad the plants were turning brown and dying. I'm going to quickly dig over where they were and pop in some early carrots which should give me a crop of small carrots late in the season

I also noticed something strange about the gooseberry bush, the centre of it seemed to be turning brown. On closer inspection the leaves appeared to be missing and the brown colour was from the branches I looked hard to see what was causing it and it appears to be caterpillars. I think I may be facing a situation where I shouldn't have counted on my gooseberry chutney so early.

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earthwoman said...

That's an excellent photo but I suppose it doesn't bode too well for your gooseberries.

Good luck with chutneys by the way, I will look out for your recipes.