Sunday, 21 March 2010


I know that it is spring. Everyone is sowing seeds and tending their new precious plants through the initial few weeks. So why am I talking about harvesting? Have I lost it completely?

Well last year when I sowed and tended to my brussel sprout seedlings and my celeriac I had great expectations of the food that I would be eating. Today I finally dug out both of these crops ( need the ground back). Oh and the size of the bounty can only leave you reeling with total admiration for my efforts. I knew it would be bad. In fact had left them in the ground with some blind hope that even through the winter they would show some change or some improvement. It was not to be.

I have harvested a handful of sprouts from stalks that would barely make a suitable walking stick for a cat.

I have produced celeriac the size of a golf ball.

Does all this disappointment put me off? Not a bit I have already sown some brussel sprout seeds. And yes I will sow celeriac again; it will be the third year of trying but imagine what it will taste like when I finally get there. That is the great thing about gardening every year you can start again, as this year will be different. Grow well little seeds enjoy the grow house.

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Jo said...

You've done better than me. I gave up on my sprouts ages ago, they just didn't want to grow. Like you, I've planted more and will try again this year. It was the same with aubergines, I tried for three years without getting a single fruit, tried again last year without changing anything I'd done previously and lo and behold, I got fruit. Gardening just doesn't make sense sometimes.