Sunday, 28 March 2010

peas and freecycle

What a day, I spent a good couple of hours weeding around the onions and sowing peas. I think that these were two things from my to do list.

I also spent about an hour and a half moving a playhouse from a nearby freecycler to the patch. Thank you Emma. They had taken the playhouse apart and all but two bits I could squeeze into
the back of my little Clio. The other two bits I decided to carry over to the allotments which was just over five minutes walk away. I had put out a wanted post on freecycle for a playhouse but was not hopeful of it yielding anything. The reason I wanted it was to entertain Huw as he can no longer be pushchair bound when we are down the patch. Not sure if it is going to work, we will see.

So after ticking off two jobs I have a new one to add to the list - assemble the playhouse.


Damo said...

freecycle is great we've got loads of stuff off there.

Jo said...

One step forward and two steps back where lists are concerned at this time of year. There's always more and more jobs to add to the bottom. Hope Huw enjoys his playhouse.