Wednesday, 28 April 2010

just waiting

At a time when every one is cracking on with activity down at the allotment I have found myself very short of time. I have snatched very quick visits to the patch and just some little jobs have been completed. The weeds are overtaking springing from no where. I might be completely over run by the weedy enemy soon. You would need a very careful and keen eye to see the subtle changes I have made to the patch.

Hence I think I know what will becoming next, I'm just waiting for one of those little letters.

Just look closely when you do the inspections you judges of cultivation, notice that I have put the spuds in this week and risked planting out some of the beans. Think back to what my plot looked like last year, it is better this year, but will you be able to see it?

The chance to strim the paths and burn the bonfire, would make such a difference fingers crossed I will get to do it soon.


Jo said...

Sounds like you're ahead of me, my potatoes aren't even in yet. I was hoping for some decent weather this weekend so that I could crack on with some jobs, but the forcast doesn't look good and it's raining already. Hope you don't get the dreaded letter.

Deb said...

That must be horrible, having that pressure when you fall a little behind. Here's hoping you won't get that letter.

Damo said...

I hope it goes OK, having the plot in the garden makes it easier but then needs to look tidy for 'visitors' so always something to do.

Lou at Littlegreeshed said...

Yes I feel the same... just running out of time at the moment. Went to the plot yesterday and the weeds were everywhere! Dont worry about them turfing you off your plot. It takes a long process, and our site it seems you have to do some pretty bad stuff to finally be given the heave ho. Chin up, it's may.... soon be eating some of your hard work. LOu