Friday, 16 April 2010


Wish I was as leggy as some of my plants, I'd be over six foot tall.

This is the trouble with planting seeds too early and neglecting them slightly as they gallop away on the window sill. These squash plants should have been potted on before we went away for a few days, I returned to some very droopy and unhappy plants. Still I moved them on into bigger pots and out into the grow house. I planted them deeper into the soil hoping that like tomato plants they will develop more supportive roots from the base of the stems. They will need more support because they are so leggy. Hope they don't snap in the wind.

In the picture is my new found potting tray I didn't think it was going to be as useful as it is, I use it often on the table indoors it reduces the mess and means I can get on with things whenever I need to. A portable potting table.


Ali said...

This is what I would do - when you plant them out dig a deeper hole than you normally would so they are not so "tall" and leggy then they won't snap in the wind. I have tried this with various and it does work out ok!
Allotment Ali

Jo said...

I've got one of those potting trays and they're so handy, I wouldn't be without mine. My squash plants need potting on now too.

Deb said...

I'm sure your courgettes will recover (she says even though she's no expert!).

Your potting tray looks very handy. What a neat idea!

Damo said...

They'll all come good in the end, I've got some like that, like Ali says just plant them deeper. Best of luck.