Thursday, 15 April 2010

If ever your in wales....

I visit St Fagans many times through out the year when I pop back home to Wales. There are lots of things to see there, so each visit can be different. I never feel the need to spend all day there to get my monies worth as it is free, just need to pay about £3 for parking. That is value for money.

At the beginning of this week I went for a visit, we had lovely warm spring sunshine. We headed up towards the castle (its more of a house so little boys my have different expectations from the day) and its formal gardens first. It looks so different in each of the seasons. The late spring blooming means that wood anemones and daffodils carpet the ground, the trees are cracking into bloom and catkins are all fluffy. It is truly beautiful.

The magnolia tree is one of the biggest I've seen.

The kids ran around exploring the gardens, the grandparents soaked up the soft sun and us the parents felt relaxed. I love spring

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Damo said...

looks really nice there, spring just warms the soul, anticipation of things to come.