Sunday, 13 June 2010

Foxton Open Gardens

I just love having a good nose around other peoples gardens. Real gardens not concept gardens created for Chelsea etc. Foxton is a small vibrant village not far from where I live. It is obviously filled with a variety of excellent gardeners with a wide range of styles. Once a year they open up their gardens for a Sunday afternoon. This year there were 16 possible places to visit. The village bustled with viewers. I managed to visit five of the gardens in about 2 hours, everybody was so chatty and friendly it was not possible to go any faster.

If I ever have tea lights and can sit out at dusk in the garden this is the holder that I want them to twinkle from,do you know where can I find one?

I love the use of mirrors in the garden, it fills small compartments of the garden with light and s
pace. And they are great for a confusing photograph like the first one below.

Do you have an old garden bench I can use to display some terracotta pots on? It is so simple an idea that is beautiful and as the plants grow and trail further, its full beauty can only be anticipated. This garden backed onto open fields.

So you have guessed it I have full on garden envy, I'm very green but that is not in my fingers. I'm looking forward to next year's visits and will be making plans for my garden.

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Lou said...

Wow beautiful garden! I try to get to as many gardens in my area from the yellow book.. I just love to have a nosey.

That reminds me, I'd better pick up a copy as this will be starting soon.