Sunday, 27 June 2010

Purple podded peas

It feels odd to be blogging about purple podded peas when there is an excellent blog by that name. Earlier this year I won one of Celia's giveaways, when I was picked by out by the chickens. As well as some beautiful cards there were seeds in the package, I have sown the salford black beans and purple podded peas. The beans are doing well at the allotment (after a late start with the frost). The peas I popped into the garden where I could keep an eye on them from the patio window. I am so glad that I placed them there it may not be the best growing spot but I have been able to watch them grow and change every day and I cannot full comprehend how quickly this happens. Last weekend when I met Celia during her open studio event, they had just started to flower that I dare not mention it in case I jinxed them. Within the week they have begun to develop pods right in front of my eyes.


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Magic Cochin said...

Delighted to see the purple pods on your peas.

Best wishes