Monday, 25 May 2009

a bigger weekend

I love bank holidays it is an extra day for the weekend and extra time to be busier in, as I always try to do lots of nice things as well as chores. With weather like we have had this weekend it would be wrong not to make the most of it.

So I have squeezed a lot of visits to the plot in around all the other fun, I suppose this activity is necessary because I know that the deadline is approaching, and because their is a lot to do so that we will have enough to harvest later in the year. I am running behind. Also seeing Chelsea all week makes me wish for a lusher more cultivated patch.

We live only a few miles from Wimpole Hall and have visited so many times. I never tire of it, for some reason we have never looked at the walled garden (the vegi bit) before now. We have spent loads of time in the formal gardens and walking over the wider grounds. It was lovely the heat from the brick walls was palpable. The gardens had lots of interesting things to see such as the little apricot fruits on the trees and a range of scarecrows. They also had plants for sale and I thought a tray or two of lettuce would add to the look of the plot and at a pound a throw it seemed reasonable

So here are my Wimpole lettuces in a shot taken from the ground as per my tiny plot's suggestion. I quite like the angle and view - its probably the view the slugs will see just before they munch them!

Also I'm really chuffed as on the plot my salmon flowered peas are flowering and this is the furthest I have managed to get with growing peas so far. I'm so excited we might get to eat our own peas. Today I received a lot of brassicas from my mum, in exchange for her grandson for the week what a good half term deal eh?


LittleGreenFingers said...

Genius half term swap. Would take mine in exchange for some fledgling leeks, or perhaps a few tomato plants!

I'm with you on Wimpole - one of our favourite spots to visit and I love the walled garden.

Magic Cochin said...

You've definitely got yourself a great deal with your Mum :-)

We love Wimpole too - and I love all walled gardens so just try to keep me out!!!

Well done with the peas. Todays rain will do everything a power of good.


Jo said...

Your peas are coming on a treat. I love them fresh from the pod.
We've all got the week off so I'm hoping to get lots of work done at the allotment.