Sunday, 10 May 2009

My mean green cutting machine

Let me introduce you to my new toy, I assembled it today. It is very basic and was very cheap. I also think it has a real retro vibe. Yes it is the colour green but it is also environmentally green requiring only my power not petrol. Now my paths should be up to the scrutiny of the allotment patrol. It would be a little easier to use if the paths were less undulating.

Just as I had finally worked out how to assemble the mower and as I began to run it over the path there was a rumbling of a petrol mower behind me. The main path was being cut and low and behold a voice said if you move the box I'll do the path for you. Wow the first bit of lotty help I've had and something that they are not supposed to do. My only guilt came with considering telling John that I had done it. There was fun in knowing that he could never use the mower and achieve such excellent results can you imagine the frustration that would bring! I resisted.

I've sown some climbing beans today 'jack edwards' but I can see that people have already planted their bean plants out on the site - I am truly running behind.


mrsglory said...

Oh you are good. I would have gone with the "yes of course I mowed that path" but then again, you may have been stuck with that job *every* time!

Everyone at my lottie has got their beans in too apart from me. It's goog to be different I tell myself...

Deb@ carrotsandkids

Rachael said...

I wish you could get the equivalent in strimmers!
I wouldn't worry about putting beans out yet, there's plenty of time.

Jo said...

Thank you for visiting my blog.
I have just read your blog from start to finish, it's a really good read.
I have enjoyed reading about your boys' trips to the plot. My kids are older than your's, 14 and 10. They're happy to be at the allotment at the moment but I'm wondering how long that will last!