Sunday, 17 May 2009

A wet day finally

Wet at last, all week the rain has been promised but very little has fallen here. It sort of seems like it has been skirting around us, in fact I have been concerned that the allotment was about to turn into a dust bowl. It seems a little annoying that when I has time to spend at the allotment I had to do it in this mornings showers. I still managed a three hour stint.

'Operation make sure the plot looks cultivated' is in full flow.
  • I've done some digging
  • I have also covered the area for the butternut squash with a mulch of horse poo, newspaper and grass clippings I plan to dig it in a few weeks
  • planted out artichoke and cauliflower plants (spontaneous purchase they were in the 50p bargain bucket section of the garden centre)
  • sown some mexican hats for a little flower border.
Next week its time to put 'operation tidy up' in to action. Yes lads we are getting ready for the big push on the 29th. Military planning is what will get me through inspection. Oh and the help of a squadron of soldiers, pass me the yellow pages somebody.


Living Dead Girl said...

We've had nothing but rain here for almost a week solid. Lets hope we get some of your dry weather, it's not much fun trying to put a greenhouse up in blustery showers :(

Jo said...

We had rain and thunder and lightning here last week. The sun decided to come out just as I was due back in work!