Monday, 16 March 2009

Booting season too

When the spring sunshine starts I totally enjoy rummaging around at a car boot sale. Other people are spring cleaning and getting rid of clutter, I seem to like to bring home more clutter. Still its good fun for the boys and you never know what you will find. Owen always seems to do well from a visit to a car booter - often a new toy car, book or some lego. I think he loves to do the browsing too.

At my most recent excursion to a car booter I bought the book above "Puffin Parents Pack". It totally propels me back to the early 70's . I definitely remember these books perhaps they were kicking around in school or I flicked through them in the library. When I picked the book out I thought that I would like to look at what was being suggested to parents and see if it differs from today - it might well do as its over thirty years that have passed by!!
The volume "something to do" is great, its laid out month by month format. It is sectioned into something to do indoors and outdoors. March has many suggestions but its gardening suggestions are summed up in this passage....."This month is known for its blustering winds. These help to dry the soil, so that you may now be able to sow a few lettuce or radish seeds."

The book discusses mad march hares and gives lots of information about them such as they live in a form not a burrow. The mother keeps each of her babies in a separate form and visits each in turn at night to feed it, which seems so organised. These snippets of information I did not know. I love the fact that on my drives to work at the moment I do see the hares in the field in the early mornings the hedgerows and fields are so bare at the moment which makes it easy. Only once have I seen them boxing, a couple of years ago on a march evening just before sunset it was a wonderful sight.

I'll try to post a little bit more of the book each month for fun.

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