Sunday, 15 March 2009

Peas progress

The peas that I sowed such a short while ago have shot into action on the window sill. It is amazing how different two varieties of peas can be. The salmon flowered peas are a paler green when compared to the poppet peas, they also have less of the tendrils. The poppet are definitely stocky perhaps that is why they have their name.

The warmer days have caused the peas to go rapidly mad, the poppet are still fairly strong and reasoanbly paced but the salmon have become very leggy. Not a good sign. So I have started to harden them off in the hope of planting them out fairly quickly, they probably won't do well. It's probably a little too early for the peas to be in the allotment ground may be I can find a way to protect them from the cold moments and the hungry slugs.

I have some guttering so I think I will plant it up with some other pea varieties and leave they to do their thing in a sheltered spot of the garden. Just need to find a hacksaw to chop the guttering into manageable lengths.

My sweet peas are coming along nicely thankfully. I donated some seeds to the school gardening club and we have planted up one pot with seeds that had soaked overnight, the other pot had unsoaked seed in it. The aim is to see if there is any difference between the germination in the two pots. Dependant on the results I might consider doing something different next year.

I spent a couple of hours digging at the patch on Saturday so I will have some space to put the peas - perhaps. My link a board raised bed has arrived so next week the jobs that have to be done are more digging, some sowing (things that I am behind on like broad beans) and putting the raised bed together. I also must get the strimmer out and cut the weedy grass that is already gathering strength on the paths, I found lots of slugs hiding in the edges and I want to crack down on them from the start of the year, give them less places to hide. I wonder if it will make a difference

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Caroline Hancox said...

ooooo, i'd love to grow my own veg but i never ever seem to get round to it. One day maybe. your peas look cute all in their little loo rolls!