Sunday, 1 March 2009


I finally feel that the growing year has begun. I am brimming with excitement and anticipation. I need to be wary as if I don't build upon the beginnings quickly making big leaps fast then the weeds will catch and choke my plans, the slugs will hide in lush weed carpet and wait for me to feed them. Because of last year I'm on to you and my war has tactics this time. The nettle patch where you slugs lurk in the shade is cut down and some of the new growth covered with landscaping fabric. Nettles are a sign of fertile soil so that is a big up, but I need to get rid of them to plant the fertile soil, mulching and digging out is recommended so hopefully by late spring I will have eradicated the sluggy nettle patch.

My cranberry is in the ground, I have no further information on how to cultivate it so have taken a jump in with both feet approach. I found it a little area near the compost bin that get a good bit of sun, there should be space for it to spread out. I think that it is low growing and covers ground. With a bit of luck I just leave it now and we will have fresh cranberries for Christmas, ho ho ho - it will probably meet its demise in July.

Jerusalem artichokes are another new addition that I have popped into the ground, I am aware of their fearsome wind reputation but remembered liking them (nutty flavour I think) when I tried them many years ago. Well it was just two tubers that we placed in the ground so I'm not sure how much that will yield.

I also stated sowing some seeds this week, my seed swap peas went in - 'poppet' and 'salmon flowered' there are ten of each. I also sowed some flower seeds, I wanted to diversify a little growing flowers I can cut for the house so starting with sweet peas (gift from mum last year of a mixed pack). The colour I least like I am donating to the school gardening club. I don't soak pea seeds before I plant them but I gather that some people do, I thought we might soak half of the seeds and the kids could see if they do better. The other flower seeds I've sown are pinks these are part of a possible new project for the front garden.

Looking forward John has ordered a link a board raised bed tonight that we plan to grow strawberries in. I have to get my potatoes chitting if they are to be in the ground for Easter. I also plan to sow some cabbage and sweetcorn this week.

Owen has sharing at school this week he plans to share the slightly gruesome find I made at the allotment today. I discovered the decomposed remains of a rat and fished out the skull to show Owen, now of course he wants to take it in to school. Should I stop him?


mrsglory said...

Oh no, don't stop him. The other children (well, boys) will love it and think him very cool. Mine still talk about the pancake flat rat we walked past about six years ago. My son also has a lovely collection of animal skulls. Nice.

Sounds like you are going great guns. I thought I had got off to a good start but now realise that perhaps I hadn't (and I don't work!). Deb @carrots xx

Rachael said...

There is something about children and skulls isn't there - I remember collecting sheep skulls when we went on holiday in the Lakes - we lined them up on the wall. Boys are wearing skulls on their clothes now too.

RHIANNON said...

Thank you Deb & Rachael, He took it in for sharing today and I think it was a big hit with all the boys in particular

I was worried that the health and safety police might have frowned on it!

Deb as for good start the pictures & story probably hide the reality - there's so much not done!