Saturday, 7 March 2009

Make March count

We are really in the mood to make March count this year. It feels as if this is the key month of the growing year and it might be so easy to get it wrong and miss the boat. I have been trying to restrain myself from sowing too much too quickly as I need to have the space to plant things out in, last year I think somethings got a little leggy waiting for me to clear space to plant them out.

We all went to the allotment together today and it seems to work best if we work until lunch and John takes the boys back to eat while I carry on. They then return to collect me (with a sandwich) and we then go off and do something for the afternoon.

Today Huw had his first real exploration of the patch and he seems to be a natural wielding the spade. He made a bee line for the spade as he knows it's his brothers.

The afternoon thing that we did was take our campervan out for a spin to check its feeling well. It was running well and I can feel the excitement that we all had that we will soon be using it again. I love spring!

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