Monday, 13 April 2009

Busy day at the patch

After a bit of enforced break with working at the patch, we returned for some Sunday (oops no it was Monday- bank holiday disorientation!) sun. We all got down there today the children were less keen, Owen's friend from the patch next door turned up so that helped keep him entertained and I think his parents were pleased that he had a distraction too.

I put together the link-a-board bed today the company had been great sending me the missing board and it arrived really quickly. the bed looks great I just need to prepare it a bit more for the strawberries. I planted some cheap (98p) freesia bulbs along one of the outside edges for a little colour if they turn out to be any good.

The weeds are growing like crazy. John was fantastic today he has cleared the area for the spuds (I had hoped to have them in by good Friday -hey it can't be helped). The plan is that I should just be able to dig the trenches next weekend and get them in.

I sent John and the kids home for lunch, this works well as I get at least another hour of work in before they return to get me. If I'm really lucky they return with a sandwich! Whilst they were away I strimmed the grass but I find I can't do it for long as the petrol strimmer really shakes me to bits. I found my chives and cleared away the weeds that were choking them.

I am amazed that the salmon flowered peas are still alive although they do look very ropey, my poppet peas are ready to go to the patch next weekend too. I am hoping to improve my success with peas this year. To that end I sowed some asparagus peas in some guttering this evening, I like trying new things and want to avoid sending them on to the compost heap in the sky.

Also following Friday's gardeners world I have fished out some tin cans from the recycling box ready to plant up with sunflowers. The ones I have planted already in little pots are not looking too good -rather leggy in fact, Owen has a school sunflower for some competition that hasn't germinated yet. So overall its not looking good so far on the sunflower front. There is still time, still time I think.

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