Friday, 10 April 2009

Garden change

Our garden has undergone a change that we didn't do. Its a change that has really got me thinking.

Yesterday our neighbours replaced the fence where our trees had been, it is different to how it was before as it has concrete at the bottom. The concrete is a necessity as their garden would fall into ours without it because of their landscaping. However the concrete is ugly so I want to hide it.

Do you think that its screaming out for a raised bed? I think I do. I've been inspired by the gardeners world raised beds on tonight's show and over at carrots and kids they seem very chuffed with their new garden acquisition.

Now how will I get one made high enough to cover the concrete at a price I can afford. Hmm.


mrsglory said...

Just showed Hubby your pic and he reckons two scaffold boards with a post every so often to fix them to would do the trick.

He thinks they cost about £10 each secondhand (although when I wanted some for my allotment all the scaffolders round here apparently needed theirs.....).

Good luck. I think raised beds would be a fab idea to hide the ugly concrete (but then I would say that).

Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

I'm a big fan of raised beds too - and I think it would work well for you in this spot.

LittleGreenFingers said...

Annoyingly I had some scaffolding boards but I gave them away otherwise you'd be welcome to them.

You could use stones to make it a more natural looking raised bed and it would possibly be more fitting to the inherent slope in the garden there appears to be. I'm just not sure looking at old scaffolding boards will be such an improvement!

Or... if you can't find anything, you could simply slope more soil up to meet it and plant it carefully. If any concrete shows, you can always use a dark masonry paint to cover it over.

Or... you could ignore me (probably best)!

RHIANNON said...

thanks for your comments. I think I will go for a raised bed. I am going to shop around to find exactly what I want to make it from - as I will be looking at it for a long time!

Living Dead Girl said...

I would paint that fence a snazzy colour and plant flowers (possibly climbers) to compliment the colour. Would take your eye away from the concrete :)