Sunday, 26 April 2009

working weekend

I really feel that this weekend we have had a big push on with things down at the plot. So don't let them refer to me as being uncultivated now.

It started on Friday night with a quick dash to the plot after dinner, we all went down as I need John to help me fire up the strimmer as often I have trouble starting it. I think the pull cord might need tightening. I gave the plot a good strim until I could do no more, thats the point when I start to shake. The paths looked better than before.

On Saturday I returned with big plans and alone. The ground is far to hard to dig at the moment as we have had no rain for over a week, so I gave up quite quickly. I desperately need to clear some couch grass but will wait and see what the start of the week brings softer damp earth hopefully. I planted out sweet peas instead. Filled the raised bed with top soil and my strawberry plants went in. Then did loads of weeding around the blueberries.

Once back home it was time in the quiet of the evening to sow more seeds: courgette, additional sweetcorn, celeriac and leeks.

Finally, today we had a little family trip to the plot. Owen and I planted out some rather ropey and spindly sunflowers. Don't tell the allotment association but I put a little more ground cover down, they don't like the fact that the land is covered. but I have little choice as the weeds are about to go nuts. I did have a major grumble in the shop about my letter, but I think it was just to make me feel better.

John was an absolute star he set about weeding the raspberries without being prompted.

We are looking better

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