Friday, 24 April 2009

A secret to share

I have a little secret and it might be said to be a dirty secret, its so bad that it has taken a week for me to share it with you. I needed to calm down a bit first. I probably am not calm enough yet even.

Last week we returned from a couple of days away camping (first time with Huw it went well!). On the door mat was a brown envelope and inside a letter. 'Your plot is uncultivated' it said.

I don't think that John has seen so much steam coming out of my ears in many a year. How can they they say this, it is not as if I haven't been trying, I've been there regularly and I think that the patch looks better than last year. Its true that I might have poor cultivation skills compared to some, especially when you consider my broad beans are taking their time. There is not a lot to see at the moment. However, no matter what, I am attempting to cultivate the plot.

When did they do the inspection? Who did the inspection? I want to know. The members of the allotment association have seen me down their doing things, buying supplies it is not as if I have be AWOL.

Well the letter says I have until the 29th of May to rectify things. I want to say here and now the things I am doing now are the things that I was going to do anyway and are for me and not to make the town council and allotment association happy. So there!

It should also be remembered that there is an area of cow parsley, nettles and tree stumps that may take me a few seasons to get round to tackling (I thought a more formal wildlife area might be best for this bit of the patch). The tree stumps might never be removed due to expense. They can't be expecting me to have this area under control can they?


Bangchik and Kakdah said...

They came around and checked?... do they have checklist, like how many plants growing, how many veggie bed etc?... cheer up! ~ bangchik

mrsglory said...

How awful. Is there no-one you can talk to about this, chairman or secretary? Surely there must be some right of appeal? Bit worrying really that they come and inspect it on the sly.

Y'know what I would do? I'd cut the nettles and make some plant food, buy a tray or two of plug plants and bung them in and be seen up the plot in a very visible way a couple of times (ie. with the children). And I'd talk to someone.

Bloomin' cheek. Feel quite indignant on your behalf!

Caroline Hancox said...

thats really upsetting, i hope you get it all sorted and you keep your patch. If they need to see some real uncultivation, send them round to my house! i'm terrible