Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Compost run

Todays visit was a shivering dash to put a weeks worth of kitchen peelings in the allotment compost bin. It was getting far too smelly in the garage with the rotting veg! I'm using these eco compostable bags to collect the waste but looking at the bottom of the compost bin the ones I put in several weeks ago appear to be still intact. I thought the blurb on the box said they start to rot within a few weeks, so I'm a little bit concerned. I have a little green kitchen collector bin, but it is too small some weeks and I hate having to take the lid off to add to it if I've forgotten it for a while - so I thought the bags would be a good idea but I might need to review it.
I have been worried that the snow might have hindered the few seeds we put in, but the little row of salad leaves are starting to show signs of coming through. Food is on its way! My new rhubarb crown planted a wee while ago does look a little bit sick.
Some good news is that I've sowed the 'freecycle' artichoke seeds which arrived very quickly in the post and I've resowed the peas to replace the ones lost (murdered).
There was only one person on the site today when I visited so I feel relieved that I am not the only fair weather allotmenteer in the town. I need to get down to doing some graft to get things moving before spring passes me by. It would be good for my next post to be sooner than a week and to have something major done.

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