Monday, 31 March 2008


I have just discovered a simple way to challenge a five year old on an allotment patch. Ask him to pick as many yellow dandelion heads as he possibly can. What a fantastic job he made of it and at least they won't go on to seed across the patch. Saturday there were only a few dandelion heads but today they seemed to be everywhere its amazing what a couple of warm days after the rainy spell can do to weeds. You should see the troublesome area (round some old tree stumps) is now becoming a mass of nettles and the 'carroty' weeds (whatever they are - see earlier post). We are going to have to come up with a plan for this area soon so any suggestions grateful recieved, I will have to post some pictures for comments in the future.
The baby was less cooperative today as we visited the patch at a different time to usual, so he had his first alfresco meal at the allotments (mmm apple puree). Thankfully we had taken some old plastic patio chairs to the patch these make breastfeeding much more comfortable and luckily none of the old fellas were around to be shocked.
Managed to plant a short double row of broad beans today with my little helper which was great as he really concentrated on what he was doing.
John and I took some time to discuss some changes to how we are going to manage the plot, which includes digging the areas we covered and mulched over winter and then mulching the areas we are trying to dig currently as this would be easier work. Perhaps? More of this to come in later posts.

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