Saturday, 15 March 2008

Peas trashed

It was a bad day today. I put the peas and mange tout outside the back door to start hardening them off as they have enjoyed the comfort of my window sill for far too long. As the day looked as if it was going to be good. We began doing a little work in the garden with the intention of visiting the allotment later. A five year old and a bizzare bike incident has led to some of the peas and mange tout being decapitated and others squashed. The pea murderer now knows the depths of the crime committed, and recieved lots of points to his bike licence (no point with a fine as he is bank rolled by mum & dad!).
We never made it down to the patch as our other family jobs (food shopping, new shoes for the pea murderer) meant it was raining by the time we were free to go to the allotment. Never mind I am now the proud owner of a dibber after a little additional shopping opportunity.

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