Thursday, 6 March 2008


After a further day of inactivity yesterday, on the patch today the weather has been good enough to provide us with a day suitable for a cleansing fire. The wind was in the best direction, not blowing on to the train tracks so hopefully no angry train drivers. Although, a friend told me that their is a nearby resident who gets grumpy about fires so hopefully it didn't blow in his direction either. John had some leave so I had help for the inferno I was about to start. I was a little bit concerned when I lit it incase things got out of control. Imagine being kicked off the site by the allotment association not for an unkempt patch but for torching the whole site.
We have already taken large quanties of stuff to the tip to for the council to compost. However we still had some large branches that would not rot down quickly on site, and it would take many trips to the tip to get rid of. Its not very enviromentally friendly to burn it but I would argue that it is a choice between two methods of enviromental pollution with all the journeys to the tip, so have a small fire. We now have a large pile of ash that we can dig in to the ground beneath it, I think it is supposed to be good for the soil but not sure where I got this idea from. It's the spot where we plan to grow our potatoes so we will have to see how they do.

It was only later in the day when we were sat in the car at the supermarket reeking of sooty smoke that I looked at John to notice that he had one strangely singed eyebrow. How?

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