Friday, 14 March 2008

No wind damage

Went to the allotment yesterday as the weather looked like it was going to be OK and it was. Who knows what the weekend will bring weather wise, so best to get on with it. I was concerned that we might have had some wind related changes to the plot after the last few stormy days but the mulching and ground covering had remained pretty much in place. I just had to hunt the top of our composting bin luckily it had only travelled a short distance.

Digging and weeding was the focus of the day but it is so, so slow going but we are making some progress. I've been digging up some things that look like carrots or parsnips but are exceedingly woody and have shot up over night what are they? See the photo for an example. Will I get rid of them by just digging them out?

On the ground that Owen had so dutifully raked are some strange impressions in the soil. Its a bit of a mystery. Have the rabbits been digging, or the toddler from the next plot wandered over it. Or do badgers have very big boots. I am filled with fear that they are the foot prints of the scary dog that barks at us all the time from the garden that backs onto our patch. If this dog can hop the fence what am I going to do as it is capable of eating both me and the baby. So does anyone have any tips for taming dogs that neighbour their plots? Or will I need to learn how to subdue it with garden implements if it clears the fence when we are there?

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