Saturday, 29 March 2008


Wow we managed to get down to the allotment with a whole family expedition today for about 2 hours. The ground was very heavy and wet so was difficult to dig, we gave up on digging as the clods wouldn't break up easily to release their weeds but we managed to bring back two sacks of weeding debris to stuff in our brown bin anyway.

We had to entertain a five year old with little respect for where things are planted while we worked, he sat on some rasberry canes today, so to help focus him, he did some planting with me and his dad. (Luckily the baby was good as gold he slept in the pushchair and
needed no entertainment.) I chose to get Owen to plant the remenants of the peas and mange tout he massacred, I hold out little hope for them but thought I would put them into the ground and see, while I wait for their replacements to germinate. Owen loved building the wigwams (the word does not have as much meaning for children these days as Cowboys and Indians are not as popular as when I was a kid). I've used some long branches that were chopped out of the bushes last summer before we got the allotment. I had saved them from the bonfire and trimmed they ready for this purpose. But now I'm wondereing if there is a reason for why people don't do this on there plots but choose to use bamboo.

We sowed another short row of salad leaves and Owen was excited to see that the salad leaves and radish we had sown previously are begining to poke though (no sign of the spring onions yet). Then Owen with his dad planted some gladioli bulbs at the corner of our plot near where I have the tulips (no flowers as yet, see the picture) currently growing. I want to have some colourful flowers to cheer us up as we approach the plot hope this works. I
think I will get Owen to plant some sunflowers soon as they will be fun for him to tend.

As it is the Easter holidays if the weather is good next week the
n I have a whole load of stuff that I need an assistant to help me plant out and a scarecrow to complete.

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