Wednesday, 2 April 2008


The most long awaited day came today for the patch - installation of a scarecrow. Owen has been anticipating the final assembly for weeks. We had the head done but we needed to create a body and yesterday we stuffed some old clothes with straw. This morning we just had to attach the bits to the stake. (Owen felt that the cross linked our scarecrow to the easter story and he wandered around the house with it pretenting to be Jesus for a while - I blame the school!)

The first picture shows the scarecrow waiting in the kitchen to go this morning and the second picture shows the scarecrow in pride of place this afternoon. It looked crazy as it travelled in the front of the clio to the allotments. Yes, it does have a name but it is a random combination of 'bugs' and 'scott' so we will wait and see what emerges over the next few days.

As well as putting the scarecrow in place I managed to sow a row of beetroot. Also put the shallots in which I now have read are rather late (ho hum) no choice today was when I could do it!

Good news my 'freecyled' artichokes are starting to germinate on the windowsill, two strong looking seedlings are showing through.

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