Sunday, 11 May 2008

Hot hot heat

What a weekend, not just the fantastic weather but all the things we have tried to cram in. Saturday was the most hectic - the large hospital near us had an open day with great activities for Owen. He is interested in surgeons (or sturgents as he calls them) So he got to get up close to an operating theatre and its equipment and all the green drapes and gowns. He was also quite fascinated with a baby doll in an incubator. You may know how hot hospitals get and with hundreds of people milling around it was really cooking, we left to go to a village market on the way back home. It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon wandering around stalls plus drinking tea/beer and eating cake in the refreshment tent. I make a couple of plant purchases for the patch some chives and an artichoke (it looked very different from the ones I'm growing from seed which is a little concerning).

With my new purchases on board I was keen to visit the
patch and thought to try it as the heat of the day goes off so after the kids had had their tea we headed to the patch at about 6pm. Huw did go to sleep for about 50 mins, exhausted from his busy schedule, this gave the rest of us chance to get on with a few things. John learnt how to use a hoe and took revenge on the weeds for making our patch look so untidy.

I did some planting with my helper, the produce from the market, some replacement peas plants and a slightly risky group of sweetcorn. One of the sweetcorn was trodden on by my helper ( the photo reveals its rather odd angle) . I'm thinking of creating a league table of his plant destruction. Peas are on top at the moment and he is oblivious to the emotional upset it causes. Still he will learn when he manages to sucessfully grow stuff by giving them lots of care.

Today I was tied up with
attending a birthday party and my plans to visit the allotment in the evening again were foiled through falling asleep with the baby late afternoon. He did manage to get me up at 5 to 5am so no wonder. Still I've cut the grass and sown some rescue sweetcorn as the current plants probably won't survive. A job that I was pleased to get done was to pot on my butternut squash seedlings I'm nuturing these in hope of a good crop.

Oh yes I do keep looking at the box the strimmer is in a think about assembling it - what is so scary about it? I need to get on and chop back my weeds. May try to go to the patch early tomorrow before things get hot it will be a good experiment to find an acceptable time for Huw Lets hope he dosen't wake too early though.

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