Monday, 12 May 2008

Lizard evening

Tonight was the first time ever that I have visited the plot alone. The site was very quite, the day was cooling off and the light was lovely and soft which I must remember for future photography opportunities. Being at the plot at this time was a strange and productive experience. I now understand that it maybe possible to care for an allotment in small regular bursts. In 45 minutes I watered the recent plantings ( one sweetcorn is definately squashed flat), popped the extra home sown broad beans in and dug a quick trench ready for the still yet unplanted potatoes (maybe this is the week hey). Now I can't blame the kids for the rather wonky planting and curving trench it was all my own work.

I think I might be able to do a quick evening visit possibly a couple of times in a week. As it fits with the kids to feed them tea and leave them with with John for entertainment and be back in time to feed and put the baby to bed. Now will John like this plan? How should I sell it to him?

Tonight in a quiet moment that I stole to gaze around the patch I noticed a recently shed skin of a lizard discarded on the landscaping fabric (typical I forgot my camera tonight so sorry no pictures!). I'm amazed by how delicate and shiney it was and imagine the newly emerged lizard drying in the warm sunshine. Go little lizard eat our snails.

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Ali said...

Hi Rhiannon,
Thanks for your comments on my blog. Yours is looking great too I must say - the blog and your allotment! Keep me updated on the Scarecrow Competition won't you? You have just reminded me to take my petrol strimmer down to my lotty to help with the grassy paths!
Catch up again soon.