Tuesday, 27 May 2008


After a woefully wet bank holiday weekend I thought I would never get a chance to tame the jungle growing down at the patch. Gardening depression was setting in. More of this wet and warm weather means the weeds will grow exponentially, soon I will be able to climb them and look down on the whole site. So a welcome gap in the downpours today meant strim, strim and strim again. Got to get on with things when I can this week as it's half term and Owens allotment enthusiasm seems to be conditional on getting gifts for being good. A mothers dilemma should I exploit this?

The petrol strimmer is mighty scary to use, I am by no means a small woman but I feel that the strimmer may be a bit big for me. I think it might be because John chose it and choosing a boy's toy is what men do best. Lots of research on the internet, working out what you can get for your money, bigger and better spec becomes ever attractive. Its an escalator ride that I would not have joined just give me something simple and utilitarian. Still it does the job and more, also I now understand the causes of vibration white finger
that miners get after just 40 mins of strimming.



Hopefully the work I have done today on the shared paths will please my neighbours when they arrive at their plots. Fingers crossed that I haven't accidentally strimmed any of their plants.

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