Wednesday, 14 May 2008


Finally got my potatoes into the ground tonight. Hoorah! These quick evening visits to the patch are productive for me at the moment. Perhaps because I have to be focused on one task and cannot just do this bit of weeding or fix this or that which normally distracts me.

On returning home I panicked - perhaps these potatoes of mine have been chitting for so long they will be green and toxic. So a quick look at the RHS website gives some reassurance it says that when the weather is bad you can chit into May so it should be OK.

Its slightly funny that I have just got my potatoes in the ground but as I walk across the site on my way home I can see massive potato plants on most of the plots. Perhaps I should rename the blog to the "Tardy Gardener".

Excitingly fruit has started to form on our gooseberry bush, I have completely ignored the bush ever since we got the plot but it appears to thrive on neglect. It is a little unkempt so will definitely need to be pruned back over the winter.

Next task is to get petrol and fire up the strimmer to chop back the grass nettles and cow parsley or we will never see the potatoes when they emerge into the weedy jungle.

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