Saturday, 31 May 2008

An evening alone

None of the men in my household looked very keen to visit the patch today, there were mutterings about doing it but no action. So at 4pm I announced that I was leaving and would be back in time for the bedtime routine. It was great to be there in the softening sun of the late afternoon, alone accept for all the other allotmenteers each in frenzied activity on there plots.

All I did was therapeutic weeding and the slugs and snails that were hiding beneath these weeds explain a lot about my munched plants. Even a sturdy broad bean plant had been chomped in half through the stalk since my last visit. So weeding is probably a job well done. Nowhere to hide now.

In terms of jobs to do, I do need to get more into the ground as Hugn FW pointed out this week you have to sow stuff if you want to grow stuff, so I need to get on with it and not worry about it.

I have some mange tout to replace the previous lost peas (x2) I will put them out in the next few days but I feel I'm sending them to their death with our slug and snail population. As you can see from the picture, when a hung my hat on the sad pealess wigwam I could see how hard core my snails are - they have shinned their way to the top.

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