Thursday, 8 May 2008

What happened?

Today was the most disheartening visit I have had so far to my green patch. Yeah its green, green with weeds. In the space of a week and a half, which began with rain and ended with warmth the cow parsley is now approximately at waist height. Where I have sowed seeds new little weeds are growing. The paths are completely overgrown and the patch which was starting to look like it was being tamed now looks totally dishevelled. Was there a weed rave over the bank holiday weekend?

I had already sown some more broad beans at home as I feared the ones on the plot were not going to emerge, amazingly all of them are now out. So today I hoed around them as they were choked with weeds. That bit of the patch has been returned to order but little else looked good when I left.

Huw had no intention of letting me spend too long at the patch, his sleep patterns are such that he might nap in the morning but its a lot shorter than it used to be. If he dosen't nap then he will nap after lunch often for a bit longer, I'm rather disinclined to be at the patch at this time because it its too hot and sunny for hard work (and I have some hard graft to do). The thought of going at the end of the afternoon with both boys is a little scary as after school grumpiness is very variable although Huw might enjoy it. Maybe I'll have to do picnic teas in order to get enough work done.

I did manage to sow some rainbow chard today I ignored Huw's howling for a few moments to ensure that they were watered. It seems like I got so little done. I keep sowing seeds at home purple sprouting broccoli and brussel sprouts yesterday I'm a little concerned that I will never get them into the ground att he patch looking at my work rate

So now a job I can no longer put off is to work out how my petrol strimmer (last November's birthday present) works and I can then trim the paths back. I'm a little scared at the thought of this the manual is massive and there is a lot of bits in a box at the moment.

A small conciliation today was that I took a few moments to absorb the beauty of the lilac in the garden nearby that has burst into flower so suddenly. My gladiolis look like they are making their way through all of a sudden too. It is a marvel how quickly plants grow.

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