Wednesday, 21 May 2008


I didn't manage to get down to the patch last night and it was my fault as I didn't feel very good. So tonight I made an effort to go between the kids dinner and bedtime. In the almost an hour I had, I did some much needed weeding. I hand weeded round the beetroot, I'm disappointed because there are so few plants that have actually survived. Why is it that the ones which have survived do so in clumps, clumps that will need to be thinned? I will have to check the seed packet and see if there is time to sow some more. I don't have a good record with using fresh beetroot when I buy it. I like the idea of it but not the mess. I would love to eat it grated in salads. My rationale for growing more of it seems to be that I will be more likely to use it when it is me that has put in the effort to grow it.

My young blueberry plants were being strangled by weeds so I have also freed them up a bit and reduced their competition for light etc.

There has been a lot of sudden activity in the back half plot next to us and tonight I met some of my new neighbours, they have had the plot for about a week and are really cracking on and clearing it I fear they may put us to shame quite quickly. I hope I didn't sound too despondent when I talked to them about our plot but the cow parsley, nettle and couch grass jungle makes it look like we let the plot go uncared for. This obviously is not true, it is a patch that is liked (sometimes loved) it just needs a little make over.

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