Tuesday, 20 May 2008

The peas have had it

I visited the plot this morning again with Huw, it was not a roaring sucess as he did not wish to be there after about 40 mins. It was also very depressing as the wild is taking over. The couch grass seems to be at waist height in parts that we haven't tried to cultivate.
I managed to dig over a square of about 2 foot. I began hand weeding between the beetroot but will have to go back and finish it. Can I squeeze a visit in tonight?

Sadly I do not think I will have any peas this year they look totally wrecked. Looking around the site there was a lot of frost/cold damage last night, peoples potatoes and dwarf bean as are all wilted and blackened. So I'm glad in part that I am running so late with my endeavours (my dwarf beans are still on my window sill).

The scarecrow is not weathering well, it has lost one of its button eyes It took me a little while to find it. I need to stick it back on without Owen knowing - another job for a lone evening visit.

I had tried to sow some sucession salad leaves and radish what did emerge seems to have been eaten rapidly by the slugs and crowded out by weeds. I have bought a black trough for the back garden and will give it a go at home which may be handy for consumption at least. It would be nice to get the garden into production as well.

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Ali said...

Ah! your poor nameless scarecrow! Please please please give him a name and send me a picture and I will add him to Tatty & Co's friends.