Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Long weekend

The problem with a long weekend is that it can interfere with the allotment work especially when a massive get together is planned for family and friends. My allotment guilt is great at the moment. The one day I had a little time aside for work last week once the poor weather had passed, was immediately eradicated with a phone call from the school and the need to care for a injured son with a egg sized lump on the top of his head. After an intial feeling sorry for himself irritatingly he was playing football in the garden for most of the afternoon - luckily theres no lasting effects.

We had a great weekend away but I returned to some rather unhappy looking brussel sprout seedlings so winter nosh is not going to as good as it could be. It might be a little late to re sow more seeds.

On the plus side seeing my mum meant I got a consignment of young plants (see photo of them on the dining room table). She has been doing the allotment thing for years so is a source of information and potential produce. The best of the batch are some red cabbage - yum. She also included some delph
ilims. Now I may be foolish and a novice in the allotment thing but I am sure that you can't eat them. Still maybe our patch has the chance of being the prettiest my neighbour will think I'm nuts because he only grows things that can be eaten!

I have a feeling that this week coming up is going to be the key week and the weather is going to be good. I must remember to send my son to school in crash helmet.

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