Saturday, 19 April 2008

Cement Mixer

No, don't panic we haven't turned the plot into a hideous patio. Owen has just moved his (formally his fathers) Tonka cement mixer down to the plot. He excitedly pushed it all the way across the site. He filled it's mixer with dandelion heads that he picked for me, the challenge I set him was that he wouldn't be able to pick enough to fill it. Today was just so cold grey and miserable that even with the cement mixer for company Owen got fed up very quickly. John & I managed to dig some more and made enough progress to move another piece of the landscaping fabric to another part of the plot.

I've come up with the plan of not digging the section that we plant the butternut squash in, I thought that I would just dig a hole about a foot across for each of the plants (about 9 of them currently) leaving the space in between undug. I would then cover the area with a thin layer of organic mulch, then plant the squash through the landscaping fabric. It should prevent them from drying out and supress the weeds in theory. Will this work? I have to be pragmatic now as we are not going to be able to dig as much area as we need in the time we have got.

Slight disaster this evening I managed to knock the celeriac seeds off the window sill, I will have to sow some more in the next day or so. Also plan to start off my dwarf beans in the next few days.

Oh, and the answer to my last post and the weed question is Cow Parsley, I think.

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