Saturday, 5 April 2008

Too much thinking

Cold rain interrupted the plans to visit the allotment today. So rather than just get on with other things I made time to mull over what we have done and this thinking about the patch has been supported by reading the free supplement with the Guardian. I now am concerned that the mix in my compost is wrong far too much wet stuff so roll on smelly slime. Perhaps I shouldn't have let Owen pee in the composter when he needed to go whilst working at the patch, it will have just accelerated the slime problem. I've also placed a row of onions next to where I have sown some broad beans and apparently these are not good companion plants a point I never considered when I started stuffing them into the earth. So now I'm anticipating nothing growing. Should I buy the observer tomorrow and see if part two depresses me further about my efforts so far.

Watching gardeners world (on demand TV) this evening didn't lighten my mood much either as they didn't show their allotment we have to wait to next week as part of their big tease.

A good point is I think I may have located some pallets for the allotment but the freecycler has not got back to me about collection yet (I'd like to get them tomorrow). So it seems I feel a bit frustrated all round.

Still one new bit of thinking for me, is to research some ways of encouraging slug eating toads to the patch, I need to put this on my to do list.


judith said...

We have never had problems growing broad beans near onions- don't know what that is about. If your compost is very acid add just a little lime when you dig it in.
What about getting a cheap cold frame - can use it to grow salads after the plant nursery stage!
Urban Fox.

Ali said...

I love your blog & the way you write is enlightening. I especially love your piece about the "pea murderer."
Your scarecrow is fantastic! Shall we make our scarecrows "mates?" hahaha
Let me know what you end up calling him and keep your blog updated. I am going to link yours with mine so I can visit regularly.
TBG will hopefully go to my plot this weekend. He is around 5ft + so I will probably have to walk him there - now that would be worth a photo!!
Well done Rhiannon.

RHIANNON said...

I love the idea of scarecrows having mates so shall check into your blog after the weekend to see our mate in pride of place