Sunday, 27 April 2008


Today I went to the patch with a totally different intention, not to cultivate but to photograph because today is world pinhole day. People are encouraged to take pinhole images and upload them to the world pinhole website (there were already images from New Zealand and Australia on the site before I even took my images today). Undeterred I thought I would give it a go and if the pictures are any good I will put them on my blog as they will be of the allotment site. The thing is you can't see exactly what you are taking shots of as the viewfinder does not work as there is no lens. It can be very hit and miss, so I'm not promising anything good. I've tried shots of my flowering tulips and views across the site. The camera pinhole lens I made myself and is held together with good old gaffer tape, see the picture. The exposure times were guessed and I used a stop watch to time them.The film just needs to be developed, old technology hmmmph, its not as instant as digital.

Once I had finished the picture taking I did do a bit of weed clearing as I was waiting for Owen and his dad to return from a taster session at the leisure center open day.

Back to proper gardening next week as those potatoes must be in by the end of the week!

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Ali said...

Hello again. I have a wind up radio which I always take to my plot when I go. I love to have some music in the background and I am convinced my plants love it too! Keep up the good work. How's your scarecrow doing?
Your tulips look lovely by the way. Ali