Sunday, 13 April 2008


We got to the plot early enough to go to the allotment shop. We now have the seeds for the marrowthon, Owen was too scared to ask the 'blokes' what the prize was so mum had to. Pleasingly the prize has a trophy attached to it, which I know once we start the growing will be dreamt about by Owen in much the same way as he dreams of football trophies. So let the competition begin! I'll read the rules tonight.

The main area of our plot we planned to use this year is becoming rock hard and solid with weeds its very difficult to dig now. We bought some heavy duty ground cover for part of this our original planned digging area and put it down today. So instead we have now raised some of the fabric and mulch we put down in the autumn and John dug this today until the hail started. The mulching seems to have worked reasonably well and we found some potatoes (planted by the previous plot holder) still in the ground. The soil in this bit seems good. I plan to go back tomorrow and finish the section.

When the heavens opened with hailstones it should be noted that those who do not digg enough are pelted by ice as a punishment. Let that be a warning to the lazy one with the yellow spade. The little prince that sleeps in the red pushchair while all around work was woken by the stinging stones and his indignant bawling really meant it was time to go.

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Barbee' said...

Ouch! I don't blame the Little Prince. Owen, either. Good luck.