Monday, 21 April 2008

Son's Schedules

Sometimes you know that you are on to a loser when the day starts in certain ways and especially on a Monday morning. A grizzly baby is not likely to want to visit the patch for a long stint of work. I thought I'd got his pattern sorted so that I could juggle my garden and photography activities and then he throws me wobbler and I now will have to rethink my strategies. This morning by the time he settled it was too close to the time that I need to pick up the older son from school to make any meaningful progress. Annoyingly I'd left the border fork in the storage box at the weekend so I couldn't even tinker with the front garden.

Not to be completly defeated I checked over my new purchases from the weekend, I bought some young chinese cabbage and pak choi plants only three of each but thought I would try them to see how they do at the patch. I am now the proud owner of a tent like cold frame which I am going to install at the patch for propogating the competition marrows and hardening off other some of my window sill seedlings. It appears that I'm planning to get much more serious than I thought I would for growing the marrows.

I love the plant labels that are featured on 'My Tiny Plot' a designer touch for the allotment, so much so that when I happened upon some wooden plant labels in Sainsburys on Saturday I had to have them. I thought I also could make some snazzy labels of my own, if only for the show marrows! So it's time to get painting.

Well today I planted some broad beans in pots at home, as the ones I planted a while ago at the allotment haven't appeared hopefully at least I will have some replacements or at best a sucession crop. I also re sowed celeriac after the accident. My new seeds for sowing today were sweetcorn and dwarf beans.

On top of this I took some photographs of the fluffy pink cherry blossom in the garden today which I will upload to the photostream soon. So, it has to be said that the day wasn't a complete loss and the weather looks ok for most of the week so I should get something done soon.

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