Friday, 25 April 2008


I know that a lot of people describe the time they spend at their allotments as peaceful and calm and being at one with nature etc etc. Today I thought that I would be accompanied while doing the dreadful digging with the sounds from my mothers day present (Yes, it has taken me that long to get round to using it!) a wind up radio. I have to say that the sound from it is quite good although I might need to wind it a bit more than I did to get it to run for a long session. The volume drops off if it needs winding in my experience. Anyway boys it was a great present and I'm sure that it will get lots of use.

Despite the radio our allotment is a very quite place, but every so often the supposed silence is broken not by the gentle bubbling sound of the people in their nearby gardens but by the thundering of a train down the track. I swear today that the drivers were on a serious mission to make up time, they thundered through faster and louder than I have ever known. Today I noticed that the trains were definately more frequent and I can't believe that they would have improved the time table.

The consequence of the trains rampaging past was that they woke the sleeping baby who had only been asleep for about 45mins. Once awake I knew there would be no going back, so I fed Huw lunch and had a think about how to manage him. As you know I find working on the plot whilst child entertaining very frustrating and have not had to worry about it with the younger son before. Normally after an intitial protest in the pram Huw sleeps through everything (even the trains) and gives me a couple of hours to work in, for he knows that down at the allotment nobody can hear you scream. I always take him to the plot when I know he is tired. So things are changing.

Huw got his first nappy change down at the patch today on t
he weed suppressing fabric, I then let him sit on a blanket and the thought struck me that he will be crawling properly in a few weeks. He is already far more advanced at his proto-crawling than I had hoped he would be at this stage. So I need to find some method of containing him so that he can play while I work. I would love to hear other peoples approaches to gardening with a baby and how to keep them safe and happy while you work

Anyway I got about a good hour and a bit of digging and weeding done. It's disheartening that where we have already dug the weeds are comming up so rapidly so I will need to hoe these in the next few visits to keep things under control. I am pleased to finally see my broad beans coming up,I thought they hadn't made it. Shamefully I've still to get my potatoes in to the ground - It has to be done now over the next week or else. Looking at other peoples blogs at the moment we all seem to be in a bit of a guilty and active phase. Rewardingly my tulips are flowering which makes walking up to the plot feel quite good at the moment.


bestdank said...

Your tulips look so nice. I am still waiting on mine to grow. I found you on Blotanical. Great start on the blog, keep up the good work!

Barbee' said...

Those precious little legs. I used to take snapshots of our babies from that angle, too.

I garden in USA, so I do not know what your mystery plant is. I surely hope someone comes through and helps you with that.

Found you on Blotanical. See you in the pages.