Thursday, 10 April 2008


I'm holding off planting or sowing into the ground at the moment as there are some deep frosts happening this week according to the bbc weather. Still I have had some activity as I've transplanted some of my recently emerged seedings into cells to grow bigger on the window sill and I've sown some celeriac - a sort of unplanned additional purchase. My son's sunflowers have sprouted into rapid action on the downstairs window sill, in less than a week they have appeared. He was waiting to see which one of the four seeds would emerge first, we might have to label them in some way so he can see which one is the best throughout their growth, especially once they get transfered to the patch.

Our allotment association are having a marrowthon this year (saw the poster on the noticeboard today) and we can get the seeds and entry forms this weekend, the big question is should I get competetive? Not with the rest of the plot holders, but with my son. It might be more fun if we both take part so that we have an intraplot competition.

I've developed a freecycle habit recently and watch the advertising board for useful things (especially gardening stuff). If you don't know about freecycle check it out, I like the principles behind it and have cycled on a few things that were now unwanted by us. This week I was lucky enough (after one false start with a different person's offer) to acquire three wooden pallets. A big thank you to Damien! We collected them and then delivered them to the allotment today. They were quite heavy so it was a two peron job. Now I just need to convert them into a big composting bin at the back of the patch. Hope that it is going to be a small /easy project, but I'm not sure about how to put them together - so it's time to have a snoop at the other plots wooden compost bins.

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