Thursday, 17 April 2008

Is it cowslip?

Now I don't know about you but my plant identification lacks something - basic knowledge. I've been pulling out these 'carotty' weeds for ages and they are growing like wildfire, some are now about a foot tall. Over the last few days they have begun to flower white (see the photo a bit blurry as it was windy), is it cowslip. If not what is the best way for finding out?

In my last post I said about not seeing next door plot holder but today I met 16B it seems its his daughter in law that has been helping him with the work. In fact what I thought was all his plot is not as he only has a half plot and the other half is probably vacant and getting weedier by the day. He also told me about some of the things that were discussed at the last association meeting it seems that quite a few of the plots will be lost with the planned underpass, its a shame for people at the other end of the site.

It was lovely and satisfying that our neighbour commented how pleased he has been on seeing the progress we are making on our plot. It is funny that he suggested that my husband had made a good go of the digging, I restrained myself from misusing the fork I was holding and bit my tongue to be neighbourly. For it is my work mainly, although John will be more than happy to take the kudos! Still it makes me swell with pride to know that the allotment is looking OK.

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