Monday, 2 June 2008

Potatoes Spotted

What a great way to start a new week, I don't believe the weather forecast despite a little shower that is happening at 9am. I pack up the baby stuff, some small bits of allotment kit and then I push the pushchair to the attotment. I have a packet of french bean borlotto firetongue burning a hole in my pocket. I managed to put in three short rows of the beans and dig under the wigwam ready for last mange tout (ones I hadn't put out) to go to feed the snails.

It was almost an hour before the baby woke and put an end to my activites.

I spotted poking up from the earth ridges signs that my potatoes are begining to push out to see the world.

My rasberries are starting to produce there fruit (my mum was asking me how they were doing on the phone last night so here is a photo mum to compare with yours. Are the welsh rasberries ahead?)

I had planned to give a patch of
the patch to Owen for his own cultivation when we started the allotment. We have been fighting to clear enough space to plant things in against the encroaching weeds that we haven't got arround to it. I think that this might help to cure his frustration with going to the patch. I have through the joys of freecycle hopefully got some edging, I collect it tomorrow. So I can mark out his part of the patch.

I had been feeling down about the allotment and worried that I won't get all I wanted to done. But then a little thing like getting some edging and putting some seeds in the ground lifts my spirits. It raining now since 3pm and likely to be tomorrow so my spirits could be washed back down into the drain of depression by Wednesday!

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Mrs Be said...

The trouble I have when I get to the allotment is I can't settle for a while. it's flit, flit, flit, tools spread everywhere. Chaos and mess, even though I have a plan of action in my head.

Sounds like you were more productive though!