Friday, 20 June 2008


I know that all the digging should be over by this time of year, but down at the green patch there is still much digging to be done to create much needed space.

Huw was shattered after rhyme time our regular Friday gig, I was planning an alfresco lunch at the patch but joy of joy he was asleep by the time we had walked there.

I lifted the landscaping fabric and began to dig I had turned over about a third of the area by the time Huw woke for lunch. I gave him some biscuits for pudding to help his teething and to keep him occupied. By the time he had finished them I had managed to cut back the nettles that were leaning over the main site path (want to avoid a letter asking me to sort!). Huw seems happier if I am doing jobs where I'm obviously in his sight. All good things come to an end and he signalled it was time to go, but I'm pleased with what I had done and left the patch very upbeat.

We had raspberry milkshakes this evening - yum yum.

How things can change. I returned this evening to do some quick strimming on the middle of the patch. Could I start the petrol strimmer? No, I gave up after several attempts and began to dig again until I became the evening meal of the midges. Nasty itchy arm time.

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