Wednesday, 4 June 2008

A row of cabbage

Today I pushed the pushchair to the allotment balanced on the top of it was a pot of young red cabbage plants. It's the best way for cabbage to travel. I crossed my fingers that they didn't drop off in transit. My mum gave me these plants ages ago and I'm only just getting around to planting them out, she will be bound to ask me shortly about how they are doing.

I been experimenting and have found a new route to walk to the allotment and its a lot shorter. I may have lived in the town for several years now but really don't know all the little cut throughs etc. The down side to getting there quicker was that Huw had not nodded off as I had planned. After a lot of initial loud complaint and a push across the allotment site he eventually fell asleep.

I got the cabbage in and a row of spinach seeds sown during his shortish nap. Little by little eh!

I put down some slug pellets so that I don't loose the cabbage plants straight away, I do hate using them but there is little choice at the moment. I might try to source some coffee grounds from the local cafes and try to use them as a slug deterrant (Gardeners World suggestion I think) but it all takes time to do. When I got the tub of slug pellets out of our storage box sat on it was a big fat snail, its like rubbing my nose in it.

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