Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Shopping opportunity

Today to cheer myself up a bit I took myself off to a garden centre hoping that they might have some bargains for me. Sadly nothing going cheap. The remaining marrow, courgette and aubergine plant selections were ropey and very expensive, They looked like they needed to be reduced and shifted before they die in situ. I had hoped to get a courgette plant to replace the one that mum gave me which was reduced to slug fodder.

I turned down free tomato plants this year as I thought they would be too much work on the patch. My need to buy some thing today meant that I now have a "big boy" tomato which I put on the patch tonight.

I've sprayed my broad beans with washing up liquid to try to help with the blackfly I'm not sure that this is going to work I may have to give up on them. Which is a shame as they have come so far.


Mrs Be said...

Oh dear, sometimes allotments can be so frustrating. Your neighbours don't sound very neighbourly either.

Our garden centre doesn't have any veggie plants left but there's an online place that sell cheap plug plants. Give me a shout if you want the details. I haven't used them but no doubt will.

RHIANNON said...

Thanks Mrs be, I am now going to focus on putting my brassicas in as I have a lot of seedlings on my windowsill and hardening off. If I chance on squashes etc at local plant sales or at garden gates then I may get them but I'm not going to hunt them down as there is always next year.