Thursday, 5 June 2008

Found the gladioli plants

Visited the patch with the baby in tow again today and he did not wish to sleep at all. Amazingly he seemed relatively happy to sit in his pushchair and listen to me chat and watch me pull the weeds out. I did manage to reclear the area just at the starting corner of the patch where the tulips had been. It was so satisfying. The reason I want this bit to look better than it has done since the weeds exploded onto the scene, is that it is psychologically good to approach the patch and think it looks like it is loved.

This is the area that I did the work on

I will need to do a bit of strimming of the long grass but I have managed to remove plenty on dandelions and docks. The cow parsley is amazingly persistent. Once Cleared I found my gladioli plants which are about eight inches tall now I can't wait for them to flower they have to be one of my favourite plants and remind me of my grandmothers garden. No sign of the five allium bulbs I put in but I didn't have much hope for them anyway as they had been kicking around the house for so long.

The big question is can I make it three days in a row with a visit to the patch

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Mrs Be said...

Blimey Rhiannon, you're putting me to shame!

I know what you mean about the plot looking like it's loved and right now mine doesn't, no matter what I do to it. It's very annoying.

Had a chuckle over the pic with the cabbage plants balanced on the buggy - my stuff normally falls off.

Was the email about the photos helpful?
Mrs Be x