Friday, 6 June 2008

Three in a row

Yes I did manage to visit the patch today making it three days in a row. Fridays are a difficult day for allotment visits as I take the baby to rhyme time at the local library (good free entertainment). By the time we have sung our nursery rhymes if the day is sunny it is too uncomfortable for spending the middle of the day at the allotment. Today was overcast so I thought I would take the baby's lunch down to the allotment. I stopped off at the bakery my usual Friday custom on the way out of town (Owen expects an iced bun as a treat).

When I got to the patch Huw was still wide awake so I gave him his lunch straight away. He needed to sleep and grumpily fought it all the way so I ate a chocolate flake cake while I rocked the pushchair. It felt very naughty- what no work done, just surveying the plot, day dreaming about what I want to do and eating a treat. Self indulgent luxury.

I had to resort to pacing across the site like a bored lion before Huw was asleep.

Did I knuckle down to work straight away? Now I was relaxed I indulged myself further with a spot of photography, I shot lots of picture of the plot with the intention of creating a "joiner" as per David Hockney. I hope to put them together using photoshop a little project for me. If I can do it I'll post it on the blog.

Well the cultivation I finally got down to, involved watering my cabbage plants and sorting the raspberries. It is impossible to walk between the raspberry rows currently because new shoots are breaking through the bark path with the weeds and grass. So I did a bit of pruning I hope his does not upset the fruit production. The plants I pruned are lighter in colour and must be side shoots from the canes. I think these might be diverting strength from the main canes. Also looking closely at the cage I need to fix back some of the wire to help support the canes - I've found yet another job to do.

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